Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Family First

Some parents talk about that first baby step or tooth, but I have a unique mommy first -- my daughter is the first person in our family to recieve the American FFA Degree. On November 1, she walked the big stage at the 87th annual National FFA Convention to receive her honor.

What is the big deal about this? Well, our daughter is a third generation FFA member and this honor is the highest bestowed to an FFA member. Less than one percent of FFA members receive this honor each year. My husband and I earned our state FFA degrees, but never got to experience this achievement.

Our daughter, Kaylyn, recieved her American FFA Degree on November 1, 2014 at the 87th National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.
And, what is even more special is that our daughter is an animal science/agriculture education double major at Oklahoma State University. Meaning, she grasped what she learned on our family farm and in her high school agriculture classroom and is pursuing an opportunity to teach the next generation of agriculturalists. For this ol' farm gal and FFA mom, this is very special. Congratulations Kaylyn!

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