Monday, April 11, 2011

Another lucky dog arrives on the farm!

Meet Brutus!  He is scared, but we hope to change this soon!
In a follow-up to my last post, it appears we've adopted a new dog.  This morning we were trying to determine whether we should call the local animal control officer (which we know far too well from prior stray dog experiences) or attempt to keep the little guy and make him into a gentle farm companion.  There is something about this little dog that is different from the others who've stopped by our place recently.    

The little guy on our porch is still really scared of us.  When we get close to him, he just burrows his head in fear.  We have been giving him puppy food and water.  We even threw him a little rawhide bone to chew on, but he hasn't touched it.  He looks so much better than he did yesterday.  It was a good sign this morning to see that he had drank a lot of water.  He definitely was dehydrated.     

New Name 
He also has a unique hair coat color.  It is the color of peanut butter fudge -- just like the inside of a piece of Buckeye candy.  You know, those little round bites of chocolate and peanut butter fudge goodness?  I asked my daughter, "Doesn't his coloring look like the inside of a Buckeye?"  She agreed.  So, guess who we've decided to name him after?  Brutus, as in "Brutus The Buckeye"...mascot of my Alma mater, The Ohio State University!  Of course, daddy man (NC State grad) doesn't know that yet, but I believe the name will stick.  It sure does seem to fit what appears to be a lab/basset hound cross.  

The pup is still really timid and keeps hiding behind our covered corn hole boards on the porch for protection.  He'll let out a little cry every once in a while, but for the most part, he hasn't barked.  This is the way our little house dog, Princess, was when she arrived, too.  When we first found him near the road out by our pasture, he had a male sibling the same age that was with him.  We fear something might have happened to his brother since we haven't seen him lately.  Whatever happened, Brutus was lucky to escape and now seems to have unpacked his bags on our porch. 

Lucky Dog
I guess we either have "suckers" written on our foreheads or a soft spot for the lil' thing.  The latter is probably the case.  Assuming he doesn't run off once he hears he has to be neutered, Brutus is our new farm dog.  I suppose I better go fetch a new collar, tag and dog house to help get him settled in.  Once he lets us handle him, off to the veterinarian he goes for all of the appropriate medical attention so he can live a healthy, happy life on the farm.  Welcome home, Brutus!              

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