Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Junk Gypsy Soul

You know how the old saying goes: The shoemaker's kids have the worst shoes.Why? Because the shoemaker is too busy making shoes for everyone else. Same is true for this ag communicator. Why haven't I written a new blog post in quite a while? Because I am writing "stuff" for everyone else! But that's okay. It keeps the creative juices flowing.

Recently I have become addicted to the Junk Gypsy show on Great American Country (GAC). I think I am so fascinated by it because they have a knack for taking old stuff and making it look cool. Plus, they do it cost effectively. My own Junk Gypsy soul has me excited about a couple of my own new projects. One involves testing out Annie Sloan chalk paint to redo an old rocking chair that was out under the old shed on the farm, and the other involves taking a pair of 1880s Singer sewing machine legs and redoing them so they support a table top. If the chalk paint project works out, I am using it again in the color white ochre to paint my parent's old bedroom suit that my daughter will use next year at college. (She also gets the teal rocker for college, too.) Not sure what I'll do once I refurbish the Singer wrought iron legs with some oil, but it should be snazzy and a great conversation piece when it is done. I like to sew, and this type of item will be one I can really appreciate. I am thinking of using old barn siding for the table top to make it personal. Reader friends, do any of you have suggestions I should consider?

Never a dull creative moment at my house. Stay tuned for the before and after pictures!

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