Monday, February 20, 2012

In search of the ultimate mattress

I had every intention of being a regular contributor to my blog. I even told a friend I had hoped to write something as least three to five times a week.  Good one, eh?

Maybe it is the life of a writer -- always writing for others but never has time to share her own thoughts. Maybe it is my busy life in general as a wife, mom, farmer and employee of a corporation. I also am a migraine sufferer. I believe all the above play some part in my slackness.

But today I am in the mood to write. I have had a brain fog in recently weeks, and for some reason, today it was "slightly" lifted. You see, I often lack a good night's sleep, and I definitely keep too much stress in my life.  But help is on the way -- or at least I hope so! My husband and I just made a purchase....a new Sleep Number Bed!

The i8 Sleep Number can't arrive soon enough!
I got the call last night that our new bed will be delivered in a few days and I can't wait.  The bed price was more than what I wanted to pay, but my hope is that it will be the last one we ever have to purchase. What makes me so excited over the thing is that it is adjustable!

Age and Sleep Habits
Funny how you age, isn't it? Things just change, and for me, sleep is one of them. I haven't slept through the night in months. I had been shopping for a new mattress for a couple of weeks, and my husband told me I should check out a Sleep Number Bed to see if I like it. He had received good reviews on it from friends and neighbors, so I decided to go see what was so special about them.

Finding "My Number"
Last week over my lunch break I went to a Sleep Number Bed store. I sat on the first bed that wasn't being tried out by other curious mattress buyers. My initial impression: "What is so great about this thing? It is just a bed, and it cost a lot!" When the sales clerk came over, she said, "Ma'am, you have to try this [bed] out the right way."

The right way? As I pondered over what she said, she had me to stand up.

She proceeded to put the bed on the firmest setting (100) and had me lay on it. "I want you to find your sleep number," she said. Taking the wireless bed remote in hand, I started lowering my number in hopes I would get that "squishy plushy" number I had always dreamed about, but had yet to find.

And then it happened. I got to "45." All of the sudden, this tranquil feeling came over me. Was I in Heaven on earth?

Then, to make things even better, the clerk gave me the adjustable base remote. First she showed me how to lift my legs and then my head -- and then she turned on the massaging feature. I was sold! In fact, I literally couldn't move because I was so comfortable. I wanted to fall asleep for the first time in days -- and in a store, no less! I didn't care who watched. All that mattered was that I was comfortable.

Now, my intent of this blog entry is to not sell you a Sleep Number Bed. But I will, however, tell you how important a good night sleep is, especially when you get older. I wouldn't call myself "old" by any means, but my body is definitely changing. Nothing is worse than waking up like a zombie.  I wake up with headaches all the time, and I can't breath because my nose gets stuffy at is just no fun at all!  I've been to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor and even had one of those sleep apnea test. Everything came back okay - no nasal issues and no sleep apnea.  So what is my problem? 

As my last resort, the only thing I can attribute to my poor sleeping habits is a lack of a good mattress (and our dogs that like to get us up at 4 a.m.).  I am crossing my fingers that Mr. Sleep Number Bed will do the trick. It can't arrive soon enough! 

As I left the store after making the bed purchase, the sales clerk said, "The only thing you'll have a problem with is getting out of the bed in the morning."

I surely hope so....I surely hope so.


  1. I have often wondered if those things actually worked. But after what you said, I'm dying to try one out!

  2. Go for it! Just make sure a sales associates helps you....makes a world of difference once you know what your are doing. ha!