Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty -- The All-American Country Boy

I'll have to admit I've been a big watcher of American Idol this year, at least when it came to the selection of the top 24.  And from the get-go, I loved watching the 17-year-old, Scotty McCreery, from Garner, NC.

I've made several trips through Garner since I've lived in North Carolina.  It is a town adjacent to Raleigh and has seen a lot of growth and transitions over the years.  Scotty sure has done a lot in the past several months to put Garner on the map.

I was tickled to death when Scotty won the 10th season of American Idol last night.  So was North Carolina!  Nearly 10,000 people packed into the RBC Center in Raleigh to watch the night's finale festivities, including a few of my daughter's high school friends. (Click here to see the fans' reaction at the RBC Center when Scotty won.) 

What is it about this young man that everyone loves?  Yes, he can definitely sing using those deep tones.  But I believe it is his wholesome, kind, not-embarrassed-to-show-his-Christian-faith attitude, and his all-American boy character that made me want to pull for this young man.

My family and I thought it was funny that there was this push on the show last night to show the pop singers.  But when a Raleigh t.v. news reporter interviewed the youngsters at the RBC Center, they all said they "love country music."  Hey Hollywood, did you hear that?  They LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!

Now, I like some of the pop songs that are out there, but it always seems there is this push to try and get people away from country music.  Why?

My hope is that Scotty -- and Lauren -- will draw folks to country music and prove to the music industry that country really is cool!  Just look at all of the country singers that have come out of North Carolina, especially from the American Idol competitions.  I have to give credit where credit is surely due -- the churches!  Look at how many of those kids got their start in a church.

Kudos goes out to all the dedicated school and church music directors out there!  North Carolina has many terrific ones.  If it wasn't for my high school band instructor in Ohio and church choir director in North Carolina, I would never have dreamed to get up in front of hundreds of people to perform and actually enjoy it like I do today. 

Congratulations Scotty!  You represent Garner, the state of North Carolina and the country music industry well!   I look forward to seeing you in concert soon!     

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